MySchool offers multiple options to easily keep in touch with your community. Be it by email, SMS or its customisable portal, you can provide focused update in a few clicks. For instance you can easily target the parents of the Biology 11A and 11B whose child are going on an outing or inform all of Max's teachers to let them know of problems he's having at home.

No effort is required to maintain those lists as all the information is already in the system.


  • Professionally formatted email with you school's logo predominantly displayed
  • Maintenance free and precise recipient lists
  • Support rich text and advanced character set (such as Mandarin or Cyrilic)

Short Text Message

SMSes are perfectly suited when there is an urgent need to get in touch with large groups quickly (emergencies, drills or cancelled events).

  • Maintenance free and precise recipient lists
  • Cost effective option, see our SMS rates
  • Integrated with other aspect of MySchool such as attendance module
"Before MySchool's SMS Attendance Alert, I spent 4 hours, every day, phoning parents about their children's absence. It now takes me no longer than 2 minutes." Mary-Rose, St Edwards College.
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