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Learning Management System (LMS)

Revolutionize the way you manage, teach and learn with our innovative LMS for Educators.

Your One-Stop Teaching Hub

Discover the convenience of having all the essential tools a course teacher needs, consolidated in one easy-to-use platform.

Effortless Content Reusability and Sharing

Create content once and efficiently copy it across courses and years. Leverage a central scheme of work, activate core modules, and add custom ones, streamlining content management for educators.

Fostering Community Engagement

Boost platform interaction and community engagement using interactive tools like forums and student submissions, enabling guardians to follow their dependents' learning journeys and helping students prepare for upcoming topics.


Streamlined Course Content Creation & Management

Craft comprehensive schemes of work and effortlessly organize course delivery with our intuitive lesson planners and topic folders, keeping students and parents engaged throughout the year.

Engage and Empower with Interactive Learning Tools

Enable students to dive into course content through quizzes, forums, and submissions, while guardians can conveniently track their dependents' progress.


Enhanced Collaboration & Information Sharing

Facilitate seamless sharing of comments, feedback, and crucial student information among educators through the use of student notes, fostering better collaboration and understanding.


Streamlined Assignments & Assessments

Utilize our continuous assessment module to create assignments, track progress, and generate reports, effortlessly guiding grade reports and end-of-year summaries with assignment averages.


Effortless Attendance Management

Course educators can easily take attendance within the LMS module, receiving smart prompts to complete missing registers based on class level timetables.

Seamless Assessment Module Integration

Enhance the educator experience by integrating with the assessment module, allowing term contributions and streamlined review processes directly within the LMS module.

Easy Online Video Scheduling

Leverage the blended learning module within the LMS to effortlessly organize in-person and online lessons, adding video link URLs and integrating them with scheduled lessons.