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MySchool online school management software is a fully featured web based school management system trusted by schools across Canada, the USA and Europe.

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School management software that administrators love.

An intuitive and powerful interface that requires little training and ensures that work gets done quickly.

Fast implementation

Painless data migration from most platforms

Easy to use

Minimal training required, even for less savvy users


Most aspects of MySchool are configurable to suit your needs

Great support

Friendly and professional staff who are ready to help you

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One web based application for everyone.

With one common database and configurable user security profiles, MySchool allows you to seamlessly and securely share your information with the users who need it.

  • TeachersAttendance, assignments, grade reports
  • Finance / BursarInvoicing, reports
  • New registrantsEnroll into school or courses
  • Head of school / principalManage resources, monitor key statistics
  • School administratorsRecord keeping, statutory reports, communication and many other features
  • StudentsHomework, timetable, communication
  • ParentsMonitor academic, behavioural performance and grade reports

All the tools you need.

From students’ attendance to invoicing — everything packaged in one powerful school management system.

  • Attendance

    Simple to take and easy to manage.

  • Grade Reports

    Attractive and customisable reports.

  • Donation & Fund-raising

    Manage campaigns and collect payments online.

  • Time-tables & Resource Management

    Share timetables and optimise resource usage.

  • Communication Management

    Powerful solution for email, SMS & online questionnaire.

  • Invoicing & Payments

    Invoicing solution build specifically for schools.

  • Homework & Assignments

    Assign and grade exercises accessible to parents and students.

  • Questionnaires

    Collect or confirm information from parents.

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Trusted by many.

MySchool school management software is used daily by schools around the world. Our clients range from small niche schools with 20 students to transnational networks with over 27,000 students.

The MySchool Experience

We have been with MySchool for almost 2 years now and we are loving the program more and more each month! What we love about the program is that it is completely flexible and customizable to meet our needs. It is easy to use for staff, students and parents, and can be used from anywhere! We appreciate the fact that when we have questions or complications, we can send in a help ticket and the MySchool Help Desk is quick to respond with answers and solutions. We have been able to work closely with the Development Team to create an online school management system that is perfect for us, that meets all of our needs and has so much potential to get better and better as we grow and change in the coming years. Thanks MySchool Team!

— Tracy Brooks-Augstin Administrator Assistant Vernon Christian School, British Colombia, Canada Read more stories