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Welcome to your next Enterprise SIS

Work with our experienced team to smoothly deploy a flexible, scalable, enterprise class student information system, built on modern architecture, tailored to meet your network needs.


Scalable, secure infrastructure

  • High-performance technology natively designed and optimised for the cloud.
  • Enterprise Scale SaaS infrastructure, auto-scalable, load-balanced application servers with industry-leading 99.9% system availability.
  • Modern, cost-efficient, dedicated infrastructure hosted in a secure data warehouse with full system redundancy and multiple daily backups.
  • Strict event logging & monitoring, risk and disaster recovery management.
  • Single tenant supports multiple districts/networks.
  • Industry-leading privacy control and data security with GDPR & PIPEDA compliance, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 certification since 2016.
  • Advanced encryption with TLS 1.2 protocols and AES 128-bit GCM keys with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.


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Intuitive, modern user interface

  • Intuitive, modern, clean user interface design throughout the system.
  • Reduced learning curve for staff, students, and guardians. 
  • Responsive interface that renders seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Automatic data updates and workflows significantly reduce administrative tasks.
  • Our Super search functionality makes it easy and fast for users to find a student, staff member, room or class.
  • Continuous platform improvement and consistent UX design throughout the platform.


Flexible, Configurable and customisable.

  • Comprehensive SIS modules with high level of customisation and configuration, whether you need it locally or globally.
  • MySchool’s APIs make it easy to integrate with your other systems and manage student administration comprehensively.
  • MySchool's SyncCenter orchestrates data synchronisation across applications like Google classroom, one roster, OpenApply, Xero, LTI and many others.
  • Option for an on-prem live replica for increased availability, accessibility, reliability and resilience. Enable rapid disaster recovery. Ideal for schools with multiple sites, including across different continents.



Precise access control, exceptional support.

  • We give you Direct database, read-only access.
  • Security groups according to roles and at more granular levels.
  • Access to all functions is determined according to roles.
  • Complete control to create, edit and delete logs.
  • Administrative ability to Impersonate users when such access is required.
  • Option to host multiple school districts within a single database or tenant.
  • 98% customer satisfaction, dedicated Customer Success Manager & Industry leading turnaround time.
  • Dedicated account manager and project management to facilitate the migration of your current data to MySchool.
  • Comprehensive user knowledgebase, online and in-person training programs.

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