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Comprehensive SIS Ecosystem

Unify your tools, streamline processes, and achieve academic success with our complete student information system.


Is your educational institute tired of using a disjointed collection of systems that aren't fully connected, leading to duplicated data, inefficiencies, and lost learning time? Many vendors claim to offer unified systems, but often fall short, leading to increased costs and headaches for your staff.

At MySchool, we understand the need for a harmonious ecosystem in education, where all the necessary tools and features work together in balance because they've been designed together. Our modular all-in-one student information system provides a truly unified platform that streamlines processes, saving you time and money while enhancing communication and collaboration between staff, students, and parents.

Here are the key benefits your school will enjoy by using MySchool's ecosystem

Comprehensive and Unified

Our system is designed to bring together all the necessary tools and features in one seamless platform, providing a truly unified ecosystem. This ensures that data is consistent, accurate, and easily accessible by staff, students, and parents. 

Streamlined Processes

By using MySchool's ecosystem, your staff can focus on core tasks such as teaching instead of manual data entry and record-keeping. This will increase overall productivity and efficiency, allowing your institution to achieve more in less time.

Enhanced Communication

MySchool's communication portal provides real-time communication between teachers, students, and parents. This allows for efficient communication and collaboration, ensuring that everyone is informed and up-to-date.


By using MySchool's ecosystem, your institution can save money by reducing the costs associated with running separate systems. With our affordable packages, we provide a cost-effective solution that is tailored to meet the needs of your institution.

MySchool Modules for Enterprise

  • School data & contact management
  • Student data & contact management
  • Staff and guardian data & contact management
  • Staff directory
  • Demographic, biographical and medical data
  • School dashboard
  • Scheduling
  • Bus routes
  • Calendar, manual & walk-in scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Parent and student portal
  • Super Search - find anything, quickly
  • Easy data import
  • Easy data entry and editing
  • Easy reporting
  • School branding across system
  • SSL encrypted connections
  • Customisable user security profile
  • Secure infrastructure, fully encrypted data
  • Custom fields
  • Upload files
  • Access and edit log
  • Attendance    
  • Configurable report cards    
  • Transcripts    
  • Incident tracking / Discipline    
  • Assignments    
  • Configurable gradebook weighting
  • Mass email / School announcements
  • Branded & schedule emailing    
  • Message templates    
  • Custom mailing groups    
  • Announcement delivery statistics    
  • SMS Text messaging    
  • Bulletin board    
  • Full calandar access    
  • Staff and parent directory
  • Fee calculation & invoicing              
  • Split party fees              
  • Export data to your existing accounting system     
  • Issue invoices, payment receipts, and credit notes.
  • Track outstanding balances              
  • Online payment 
  • Enquiries & Admissions              
  • Configurable student registration              
  • Online Forms              
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA
  • SSO integration
  • Sandbox instance for testing
  • Direct read access to database
  • Custom domains
  • Custom reporting
  • IEP builder and collaboration platform
  • Plan ahead with objectives and provisions
  • Build and configure student accommodations
  • Add categories and fields to your student IEP profile
  • Add case managers and organise meetings
  • Integrate with popular platforms  like: Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams (via SDS), Xero, OpenApply, ManageBac, Toddle and more   
  • Course content authoring and sharing Online assignments
  • Online quiz
  • Remote learning
  • Homework organizer & calendar
  • LTI integration
  • State reporting: Britsh Columbia (TRAX/1701)
  • State reporting: Malta (DQSE / MATSEC)
  • European Baccalaureat            
  • Teacher can set meeting slots by date, time and duration
  • Parents log in and choose and book available slots
  • Manage campaigns, donors and donations
  • Customisable campaigns targeting specific audiences
  • Log different gifts types e.g. money, voluntary work, etc
  • Communicate with past donors with specific donor profiles
  • Easily export donor data

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