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Security & Compliance

Your data security has always been our first priority

The protection of customer data, especially student data, sits at the core of what we do at MySchool.

Customer security and peace of mind

  • All new employees undergo 3rd party security clearance before working at MySchool.
  • Our ISO IEC 27001 'Information Security' certification and regular audits ensure our development environment and practices conform to one of the highest global security standards available.
  • High system availability with a historical uptime exceeding 99.9%
  • All customer data is backed up in multiple secure locations with daily data backups and 30-day data retention.
  • Servers and data located in Europe ensure MySchool is subject to Europe's strict data protection directive (GDPR) and legal framework as well as being fully compliant with American and Canadian data security and privacy laws.

Reliable, secure software

  • Connections between you and your MySchool instance are protected by 'always on' advanced encryption with TLS 1.2 protocols and super secure AES 128 bit GCM keys.
  • Protection against common hacking methods including SQL Injection protection and Cross-site script protection.
  • All data encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Passwords and sensitive data are encrypted at the database level.
  • Flexible security profiles for specific control over information access rights.
  • MySchool is managed by a dedicated expert technical team.

Infrastructure stability & security

  • MySchool is hosted in Europe, with a highly secure industry leading data centre & infrastructure providers holding SOC 2, PCI and ISO IEC 27001 certifications. They are also members of CISPE ensuring full GDPR compliance at an infrastructure level.
  • Scalable, load balanced servers with capacity redundancy ensure rock-solid stability.
  • Data encryption in transit with TLS between you and the data centre.
  • Powerful logging, event notification, and data change audit trail allow us to efficiently report, track and respond to system events.