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Our assessment module helps you easily build your assessment criteria, streamline your entire process and make your teacher's lives easier.

Different assessment types

Built for Learning outcomes as well as standard grading, our assessment module allows for complex formulas and weighting across all terms with support for achievement and numerical-based scales. 


Fully configurable reports

Configurable for each grade level and terms, you can choose what assessment information to show on your reports, add your school logo and colours, personalise with signatures and dynamic content tags.


Share grade reports

When it's time to publish, it takes just one click to instantly share your grade reports to student and guardian portals and automatically notify them by email.


Tracking staff progress

Easily track and monitor teacher completion statuses and optionally set time-constrained access for teacher contributions.


Transcripts and report archive

A historic copy of grade reports stored as soon as they are published. Configurable transcripts are easily accessible in 2 clicks. Transcripts and reports can also be downloaded In bulk as PDFs.


Powerful Editor

Create, categorise, share and manage comment templates with dynamic replacement tags to streamline and personalise your teachers reporting.



Assessment Screen