Your grade reports will be scrutinised by parents: don't get it wrong! Our tried and tested reports module lets you hand-craft your report to fulfil your specific requirements and branding and MySchool's toolkit will help teachers quickly put forward their submissions:

  • Easily compile grade reports: let teachers work in their own time and place
  • Use the powerful spell checker and personalised comment bank
  • Allow administrators to easily monitor teacher's completion status
  • Give parents and students immediate access to their grade report at your discretion
  • Optional time-constrained access for teacher contributions
  • Grade reports are produced using the industry standard PDF format to ensure a professional and consistent look across operating systems and browsers.
  • Include data from attendance, exams, assignments or teacher input
  • Reports are highly customisable to meet your requirments.
  • Transcripts available in 2 clicks of your mouse
  • Historic copy of grade reports are stored as soon as they are created.

Grade reports


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