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1.2 MySchool Update



Over the past couple of months, we’ve been reviewing our services, the way we work, and how we can make MySchool better. As a result, we’re redesigning many of our work processes to be more efficient, upgrading our support infrastructure and redesigning our product and service pricing to be more flexible and easier to understand.

We're currently in the process of rolling out the 1.2 update and a few of you have already been upgraded. We'll have everyone onboard by early 2016.

MySchool 1.2 update


A brand new health tab

We’re giving you more structure and much finer control over your health fields with the ability to search for specific medical conditions as well as setting medical alerts.

Permanent Student Record

We’ve updated the PSR to include school and class level history and added the ability to create custom inclusions which will be included in the new PSR report.

Record student school history

You can now record your student’s history for previous schools, not just feeder schools. This information will also show in the PSR report.

Parent / teacher meetings

Save time and get organised with our new teacher / parent meeting organiser. Set your available slots and simply let parents choose their preferred time.

Shared household address

Better organise your contacts by assigning parents to a common ‘household’ address.

Bus route management

Manage bus routes, passengers and supervisors.

Powerful new student search and reports

Improved student search tool making it easier to extract the data you need.


New support platform

We're moving to Zendesk, the leading support software provider. We’ll be rolling this out over the coming months and we will email you with more details close to the time. As well as the helpdesk features you are used to, there are two significant additions:

Instant answers

We’re building a new, powerful knowledgebase with articles, videos, guides and tips to help you navigate and use MySchool.

Support ticket feedback

Tell us how we're doing. Not happy? Let us know so we can make things better. Love us? Shucks, give us a thumbs up and make us happy.