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How Administrators can Facilitate Technology Adoption

Back in 2009, Education World published an informative article on the administrator’s role in technology integration, outlining a number of key points that still ring true today, 7 years later. When it comes to the promotion and effective use of technology in and outside of the classroom, there’s no denying that due to the nature of their job, administrative staff are perhaps the biggest influencers in the industry.

The adoption of a school management system like MySchool is an integral part of ensuring that a school stays at the forefront of education technology, with school administrators playing a crucial role in helping teachers and fellow admins alike to feel at ease when becoming involved with new school management software. Cathy Chamberlain, technology consultant in the Oswego school district in New York, remarked that in her experience, "teachers who are on the fence -- or think they don't have time to get involved with technology -- think twice when they sense a positive attitude on the part of the administration.

This positive attitude is firmly rooted in administrators enjoying a positive experience when using our school information management system themselves on a day-to-day basis – an experience that MySchool users are very familiar with:

"What we love about the program is that it is completely flexible and customizable. It is easy to use for staff, students and parents, and can be used anywhere! We appreciate the fact that when we have questions or complications, we can send in a help ticket and the MySchool Help Desk is quick to respond with answers and solutions."Tracy Brooks-Augustin, Office Assistant at Vernon Christian School

The key to effective integration starts with administration having a major say in what provider is chosen – providing access to effective training – and continues with consistent modelling. By using the system effectively on a day-to-day basis, administrators demonstrate to their colleagues that the software isn’t just easy to use, but essential in streamlining communications and core activities like attendance and grading. The article also highlights how principals can help engage staff and faculty alike by giving teachers access to the training and support they need, encouraging the daily use of the school management software, fostering technological development by involving other stakeholders, and attending conferences to stay updated on the ever-changing world of technology.

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