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The true value of school management software

Posted by Julian on 19 January 2017

Like all tools, the real value comes from not what they can potentially do but what you actually do with them. This is particularly true of school management software which can bring significant efficiencies to school administration. The problem is that these systems generally have an overwhelming amount of functionality that can end up unused or worse, completely misused, eroding the value of your investment.

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Solid support that keeps your school ticking over.

Posted by Julian on 22 November 2016

Using a school management system requires great support and like all companies we are proud of the support we offer, but how well do we compare with others?

Zendesk, the world's leading support platform, provides benchmarks with satisfaction data from over 25 thousand businesses.We use Zendesk to manage our support and regularly score 98% to 100% for customer satisfaction compared with a global benchmark of 95%.

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