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Consent in the GDPR

Posted by Julian on 06 March 2017

Consent is not a new concept and has been a core part of data protection & privacy laws for decades. However the GDPR raises the bar considerably on 'conditions for processing' personal data.

Simply put, 'consent' means obtaining clear permission to hold and process a person's data for a specific use. Although it is already required, practices such as 'opt out' have become common-place, e.g.  pre-ticked checkboxes to receive marketing material, making it more of an assumption of consent rather than explicit permission. The GDPR is far more explicit about what constitutes consent and aims to entirely remove this kind of deception.

Article 7 GDPR Conditions for consent

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EU GDPR Summary for Schools

Posted by Julian on 01 February 2017

You may be wondering why we need new privacy laws.  As it stands, data privacy laws vary from country to country within the EU, with little harmonisation. This causes confusion, reduces trust and ultimately undermines the effectiveness of data privacy laws. The GDPR is intended as a 'one-stop-shop' bringing with it a high level of alignment across the European Union. This of course also makes it far easier to administer and enforce.

The following are the key elements of the GDPR. We'll be going into the details of each one of these in future blog posts. If you're not already subscribed, you can get email alerts as soon as we publish new articles.

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