Awesome Customer Support

...and we can prove it

A school management system is nothing without solid, reliable support and we're obsessed with understanding how we can improve MySchool and the service we provide. We know we can't do this without constant feedback, advice and criticism from the users of MySchool, so we've made it very easy for everyone who uses our system to let us know exactly what they are thinking.

How do we do this?

It's not guess work. We measure satisfaction and invite feedback using industry standard customer satisfaction measurement methodologies.

Every single interaction our support team has with our customers can be rated, allowing us to react immediately if we're not hitting the mark. You can see our live satisfaction score here.

We regularly invite our customers to tell us how we're doing, using the industry standard Net Promoter Score model, used by many well recognised brands and academic institutions.  We're proud to share an NPS rating of 68, similar to well known brands like Amazon, Netflix and Apple.


Feedback from our recent surveys

Comments from 2017

"The Sis team work quickly to solve any issues we may have at any given time."Fredericton Christian Academy, Canada

"the assistance is perfect" Canadian School of Milan, Italy

"Customer service and the recent updates and dedication to ongoing improvements and customer involvement."
St. Margaret's School, Canada

"Fast and flexible technical support" International School of Lyon, France

"I love how customizable the platform is and how helpful your team is" Mott Haven Academy Charter School, USA

"Even though the time difference between Malta and British Columbia is an issue, I find that the customer support is always good." Vernon Christian School, Canada

"The system is very user friendly!" The European School RheinMain, Germany

"Customer service & efficiency and readiness to adapt to our our needs." Bishop's Conservatory Secondary School, Malta

"Very friendly to use, great school management software, and excellent customer support."Munro Academy, Canada

"Ease of use, flexibility, exceptional customer service." Sudbury Christian Academy, Canada

"Simple to use and very user friendly" St Edward's College, Malta

"Flexibility and timely customer communication and requirement understanding." STC Training, Malta

"It’s easy to use - I have found that administrators/teachers/support staff can easily catch on to how MySchool works. From sending emails to parents, taking attendance, doing report cards, exporting reports, ect. I can show them once and they can do it." Richmond Christian School, Canada

"System works without any hiccups, and whenever we had an issue or a request, it was always handled professionally and fast." San Anton School, Malta

"Customer service. Willingness to keep improving the product. Willingness to meet our specific needs. And the fact that I have Patrice on Skype who will often drop everything to answer a question or fix an urgent problem. :-)"Surrey Christian School, Canada

"Prompt customer support and customization." Grace Christian School, Canada

"MySchool does most of what we need it to do. It is reliable and is easy to use. Support is excellent and they are responsive to implementing changes." Crofton House School, Canada

"Service is exceptional." Brentwood College School, Canada

"MySchool is a powerful online tool to manage school data. When assistance is needed, the MySchool team has been there to help." Vernon Christian School, Canada

"The support team are super fast and attempts to solve every problem logged." Brainy Bairn School, Ghana

"I have been very happy with the customer service and quick and thoughtful response to tickets that are submitted." Surrey Christian School, Canada

Comments from 2016

"Excellent customer service." Surrey Christian School, Canada

"When we need assistance with a task, My School is a very prompt with addressing our concerns. In addition, the system is user friendly and easy to manage." Community Council Learning Academy, USA

"Excellent response to any issue I have."Riverbend Academy, Canada

"Exceptional and punctual customer service."Grace Christian School, Canada

"I think the system is really user friendly and has so many great features. Also Patrice, Joshua and teams customer service is awesome!!"Brockton School, Canada

"I love how the system is completely customizable to our school's needs. The support team is easy to work with and very patient and knowlegable."Vernon Christian School, Canada

"Responsive to our needs- scaleable system- it works!"Asia Lutheran Seminary, Asia

"How great and amazingly helpful, positive, accommodating, funny, and supportive you all are. I appreciate you all and your help." Brockton School, Canada

"The SIS is very easy to use. The personnel team are great to help solve any issues." Fredericton Christian Academy, Canada

"Excellent support!! Great team to work with. The flexibility to make suggestions and have them implemented. :) The program feels like it is uniquely ours even though I know that there are many many other users/schools. Very easy to use and a powerful tool for communications with parents and students (announcements, grades, assignments)."Richmond Christian School, Canada

"From the outset, MySchool gave the impression that they were willing to work with and for us to make MySchool useful and relevant to what we need in a student information system. This has proven true and looks like it will continue. Thanks!"Vernon Christian School, Canada

"The people at MySchool have done a great job of listening to our requests and putting them into action. In our time with MySchool it's gone from a workable program to a very efficient, powerful program."Surrey Christian School, Canada