Awesome Customer Support

The service we provide is the lifeblood of MySchool. With a service satisfaction rating of 98% we work hard to keep our customers happy.

The day to day service and support we provide is what makes MySchool tick. It's not just a school management system we offer, but a commitment to making sure things go as smoothly as possible. We know running a school is hard and we are here to help make that a little easier.

Find out how we actively measure and improve our service.

Dedicated lifetime support

Support is baked into our culture and where we deliver much of our value. We provide personal support for the entire time our customers are with us, not just for a short on-boarding period.  Our dedicated support staff are part of the core team and not an outsourced support centre. In fact ALL staff, from admin to the managing director, at MySchool, have a customer support mentality. When we say we care, we really mean it. 

Solid support process measured against global standards

Every single support request is logged and tracked throughout our support and development cycle with strict internal SLAs, alerts and escalation rules. We use industry leading systems to manage all requests, monitor our performance and help us pinpoint any areas of our service that needs improvement. We put ourselves through the comprehensive global standard ISO9001 'Quality Management' external audit process every year to ensure our work practices are organised and efficient. We're organised and you can be confident you are in good hands.

Continual customer satisfaction monitoring

Great support is only great if your customers say it is and we keep our finger on the pulse with two types of feedback:

'Always on' feedback where our customers can rate their satisfaction for the service we deliver on every single support request. We regularly score between 98% and 100%, a live score we publish here.

'Net Promoter Score ' An industry standard approach used by many well known and loved brands to gain a deeper understanding of how their customers really feel about the service they receive. With a score of 68 (similar to Amazon, Netflix and Apple) we improve the service we provide simply by understanding and addressing the issues important to our customers. This is what we mean when we say we listen.Find out more about how we use NPS to improve our service.

'In App feedback' Most recently, we've added the ability for all users of our system to quickly send suggestions or criticism directly via the MySchool app. 

Support in many other ways 

We provide MySchool as 'software as a service' which means our customers also benefit from several additional support services at no extra cost. Apart from having absolutely no installation requirements (all you need is an internet connected web browser), Myschool comes with:

1st class security No need for virus & malware scanners, costly security audits & consultancy or hacking and data theft worries, we take care of it all. Find out more about how we provide security. We're also ISO27001 'Information Security' certified which means we conform to one of the toughest security standards in the world.

Data back-up School management systems collect a lot of sensitive data and managing your own systems also requires a comprehensive back up solution. We have this totally covered with secure multiple daily and monthly backups.

Software updates We work on MySchool every day of the year keeping it updated and running smoothly. No need to manage disruptive software updates that soak up your IT staff's time. You'll automatically have the latest version of MySchool as soon as it's available.

What our customers say about our support

"MySchool's level of personalized support is top notch."

Doug Beane
Munro Academy - Nova Scotia, Canada


"The user support is fantastic"

Robert Grech 
Assistant Head of School - Savio Collage, Malta


"...on the rare occasions we have needed support, the MySchool staff has been responsive, patient, and thorough. I can highly recommend this program without any reservations, regardless of your school size."

Derek Graystone 
Finance & Systems Manager, Riverbend Academy, Ontario, Canada


"...We appreciate the fact that when we have questions or complications, we can send in a help ticket and the MySchool Help Desk is quick to respond with answers and solutions. We have been able to work closely with the Development Team to create a system that is perfect for us, that meets all of our needs and has so much potential to get better and better as we grow and change in the coming years. Thanks MySchool Team!"

Tracy Brooks-AugstinAdministrator - Assistant Vernon Christian School, British Colombia, Canada


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