This page lists current, short and long term projects planned for MySchool.  Our objective is to make MySchool the most fully-featured and easiest school management system out there. Whereas the position of an item in the list does not reflect its priority, this list will change in response to new requirements, technical dependencies and, of course, our users' needs :). 

check_box_outline_blankCurrent work in progress

  • Overhaul of module access model
    • Improved access allocation
  • Rebuild new learning outcome assignment module
  • Rebuild assessment/grade report engine
  • Implementation of queue system
  • Redesign of User Experience standards
  • UI List view rework
  • Implement look and feel configuration
  • Implement security configuration
  • Implement public APIs

star_borderWork starting in the near future

  • Implement notification engine
  • Rebuild of announcement module
  • Better calendaring options

date_rangeLonger Term

Order does not reflect priority:
  • Implement class blog
  • Implement course blog
  • Implement Grade Report designer
  • Deployment of native Android and iOS applications
  • Full integration with Office 365 and Google for Education
  • Full integration with Business Intelligence server
  • Wrap up UI change by implementing fully responsive and multilingual interface

check_boxCompleted work

Q2 2018

  • Overhaul school configuration
  • Overhaul of attendance configuration
    • Simplifications & consolidation of attendance configuration screens
    • Implementation of a class level-based calculation of attendance statistics
  • Completion of GDPR compliance tools and processes

Q1 2018

Overhaul of timetable configuration 

  • Simplifications & consolidation of timetable configuration screens
  • Ability to set calendar configuration to specific years and/or class level

Q3 2017

  • Complete rebuilt of admission module:
    • Configurable workflow
    • New configurable form
    • Support for multiple workflow
  • Major improvement to Learning Objective management and assignment integration

Q2 2017

  • New data import tool
    • Implementation of wizards that allows non-technical users to import & validate spreadsheet-based data.
    • Ability to import students, guardians, staff, classes, subjects, courses, subjects, etc.

Q1 2017

  • Super Search
    • Improved contextual data formating.
    • Teacher's possibility to search assignments
    • Improved result management
  • Parental Interface
    • Improved smartphone experience
  • General Interface
    • Ground work laid for full responsive interface
  • Invoicing
    • Possibility for system to calculate tax on specific invoice item
  • Prospect students
    • Multiple minor improvements

Q4 2016

  •  Quick Report
    • New searchable field added
    • New exportable field added
  • New Learning Objective engine
    • Delivered
  • Grade Grid
    • Re-written for better performance
  • Technical system architecture
    • Integration with Laravel