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Why pay more for a SIS? 

Why are we so affordable?

We're not going to beat around the bush: our competitors want to maximise their revenue and get as much as they can from you - that's why they don't publish prices. They will typically add costs like licensing, data migration, training and additional modules to your final price.

We're in it for the long term, we don't try to make a profit on day 1. Like many of our customers, you will want to stay with us for a good 10 years and longer.

We also rely on efficient processes and don't use legacy technology which inevitably drives up cost for our customers. For instance, our interface is intuitive making training needs minimal plus we give you a library of articles and videos, and direct access to your support agent. Our system is designed from the ground up with modern technology meaning we make minimal use of 3rd party services. These are costs that are traditionally past on directly to the customer.

Unified. Really.

When we think of unified, we think "one system, one price" (we're looking at you, PowerSchool; your per student licence is low because it includes little). The second you need additional modules, like admissions, the price starts to rise quickly.

At MySchool, we build our own modules: It is one interface, one database, one bundle AND one price. That's what Unified means to us. Our pricing is clear, predictable and refreshingly simple. We'll ask you 2 questions: How many students do you have? Which of our 3 plans do you need? It's that simple.

Ask yourself this question now: Why exactly is it, that every other school management system vendor, won't publish their prices?

We really don’t think you should end up paying over the odds or more than you planned for a school management system.


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